2016 Recap

Let’s Review the bidding.

Do you remember why you are a new creature in Christ?

Now that the rush of the holidays is over, I want to again reemphasize the purpose of this blog. I want you to know why you are a new creation, what fundamental changes happened at your salvation and give you the understanding you need to be a successful Christian. I want to give you the steak on Sunday mornings I seldom get.

First, your spirit was permanently and eternally renewed into perfection by the Holy Spirit at salvation. It’s what the word “kainos” means. Something that has never been seen before. It’s new wine, it’s new wine skins, its the new covenant. For many Christians, salvation is a mental exercise of “if I just keep believing, if I just keep doing God pleasing things, if I just keep from sinning.” I’m, telling you you have missed the whole point. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Things My First Pastor Didn’t Know to Tell Me (John 16:12)

Second, righteousness is a state of being, not a state of doing. In other words, your works as a means of salvation or maintaining your salvation is dead. If you don’t believe me, then let me ask you a common sense question. For those in Hollywood who want to have a sex change operation, are they still a man or a woman? Of course they are their birth sex, because their DNA was not altered, only their outside flesh. It’s the same with your salvation. God permanently and eternally altered who you were at your new birth. Man cannot alter what God has created. 2 Corinthians 5:21 Righteousness is a State of Being

Third, as a new creation, you are adopted into the family of God. If you are certain that you can loose your salvation then you must not believe in the Roman concept of adoption which Paul taught. Additionally, there is spiritual pecking order that comes with adoption and salvation. God has our new life as His adopted child worked out for us! John 14:26 Living as an Adopted Son of God

Fourth, as a new creation, our Lord, Jesus the Christ keeps the covenant for us because we can’t. This is the problem for all the covenants, man cannot keep a two-way covenant. This is why God covenanted with Jesus His Son, to keep the covenant for us as representative of the human race because we can’t. We share in it by being adopted into the family of God. I had been incorrectly taught about this by well-meaning pastors for years because religion is so man-centered. We got to get back to understanding Christianity is Christ-centered. The Christ Covenant

Fifth, I am marked by God. New creatures, you have the mark of the Holy Spirit upon you as did Cain, that sets you apart from all other persons on this earth. God knows who are His and so does Satan. This is an indelible “etching” that is not removed. Ephesians 2:12-14 Marked by God

Sixth, you are redeemed by perfect blood. There is the unique and untainted blood of Jesus that God the Father gave Him through the Holy Spirit at conception and many other topics I think gives you a different perspective of your status as a new creation. There are other subjects that I will write about as the Holy Spirit gives me light.  The Blood Of Jesus and the Virgin Birth

The next few blogs will deal with topics from the earliest Gospel, Mark. The three basics of living an overcoming life comes from the Gospel of Mark – – Authority, Power and Discipleship. We will talk about the most important parable, the Parable of the Sower, the real sequence of events during Passion Week, and the two sacrifices, the Widows Mite and the Savior.